Los Rancheros Band – New Orleans’ Premier Live Band Karaoke Experience

Los Rancheros puts you in center stage with one of the best bands in New Orleans!

Few things in life ever turn out like they’re planned. When Rock and Roll Karaoke started it’s inaugural Tuesday night show in 2004, none of the local musicians involved needed another gig. Thinking it would be fun to get together with friends and cut loose at an informal show, they figured it would last a few months and disappear. The formula kept working and soon regulars were coming each week to perfect their songs with a top notch band. Over the years, occasional “guest” members have performed but the group that plays each Tuesday is the same core guys. After 12 years of Tuesdays, a seasoned band has emerged. Guest musicians have included Travis McNabb (Sugarland), David Rosser (Twilight Singers), Tony Hall (Dave Matthews, Neville Brothers), Willie Green (Neville Brothers), Marc Broussard, AfterHours, Stanton Moore (Galactic), Jimmy Messa (Subdudes) just to name a few.

While R&R Karaoke has seen several home bases in 12 years, audiences have kept showing up whenever they move. An event like Hurricane Katrina might have been the death knell for such a gig but a few weeks after the storm, they were up and running again. The power of the gig is it’s consistency, every Tuesday, no matter what. Local and national artists frequently stop in for a drink, a look or to play. Don’t be surprised if you see Cuba Gooding, Jr., Steve Zahn, Ani Difranco, C.C. Adcock, Rio Hackford, Quintron or Fred Leblanc smiling at the bar.

The main point of the endeavor has never been lost throughout it’s 500 plus week run: Good times. People will always want to sing with a great band. It’s a free form environment where no one is booed and everyone is welcome. The hype eventually led to the band being approached by Voodoo Music Experience as a featured act on it’s own stage for all three days of the 2010 festival. As the social experiment continues, the band was asked to record a song and shoot the final scene in the Bruce Willis/Catherine Zeta Jones/Vince Vaughn film “Lay The Favorite” released in 2012. So, for anyone who has always thought of singing with a great live band but failed to make good on that fantasy, now’s your chance. Like Sly Stone once said: Everybody is a star.

Los Rancheros Band – New Orleans’ Premier Live Band Karaoke Experience is: Bobby Hoerner (Lead vocals/Bag of Donuts), Chad Gilmore (Drums/Marc Broussard), Jack Miele (Guitar/Molly Ringwalds), Phil Wang (Bass/Molly Ringwalds) and Dickie English (Keyboards/Molly Ringwalds).

Traveling to New Orleans for your next out-of-town convention?  Los Rancheros is the perfect after party entertainment that puts co-workers and executives on the same stage!  Think you sing “Journey” better than your supervisor?  Hire Los Rancheros for your next corporate party and find out who has the best voice in the office!

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